Rollem Auto IV

Rollem Auto 4
- The most accurate way to perforate, crease and slit.
- The Rollem Auto 4 can score, perf, and slit up to 15,000 sheets per hour. It can platten crease or perf at speeds up to 6000 per hour and perform rotary micro-perforations at a speed of up to 15,000 per hour.
- The machine can be used for perforating, creasing, and slitting simultaneously in one pass, or each operation can be carried out separately.

Rollem Auto 4 Specifications:
Machine Length: 765mm
Machine Width: 865mm
Machine Height: 1270mm
Machine Weight: 200kg
Minimum Sheet Width: 125mm
Maximum Sheet length: 910mm
Minimum Sheet Weight: 40g/sm
Maximum Sheet Weight: 700g/sm
Maximum Pile Height: 25mm
Power Supply: 110/230V
Maximum Speed - A5: 6000s/hr

  • Price:$2000